A prescription is compounded to improve a condition.  Between now and the international convention in Las Vegas, I intend to introduce my Right Prescription for Kiwanis through a series of blogs to be posted on my website,   A prescription has numerous ingredients and the ingredients of this prescription have come from the many Kiwanians I have encountered during my 38 years as a Kiwanis member, my three years as an international trustee, and my visits to more than 24 Kiwanis districts.  While counseling districts and attending various Kiwanis activities, I have tried to listen.  Listen to the changes Kiwanians want to see in their organization.

For years Kiwanians have discussed change at district and international conventions, but the pace of Kiwanis change has not kept pace with the growing needs of children in Kiwanis communities.  The need for change, growth, and expansion is now urgent.  This urgency requires that the organization listens to members, continues club openings, expands service, and devotes more energy to our youth programs.  Kiwanis can’t afford to change directions each year.  We must insist that Kiwanis leaders build on the successes of previous years for a future that will serve children and insure strong clubs.

The ingredients of the Right Prescription for Kiwanis will be outlined in the coming weeks.  I will present ideas on recognizing Kiwanis opportunities, maximizing the Kiwanis potential, and mobilizing Kiwanis resources.  The two components of each ingredient that will be essential are to involve all Kiwanians and attract community leaders to concentrate on assuring that children develop into citizens of tomorrow that will lead the world. Districts must assume the lead to address the needs within individual districts.  These actions must be supported through dynamic partnerships, both locally and internationally.

If you are a committed Kiwanian, I invite you to join an important partnership to elect me, Arthur N. “Art” Riley for Vice President of Kiwanis International.  Visit often during the campaign to read about the what Kiwanians have taught me, and how together we will make Kiwanis a more vibrant organization.