The Formula’s major accomplishment has been to prioritize Kiwanis membership. The consequence of declining membership has been well documented.  Inviting people to join Kiwanis and opening new clubs must be a permanent part of the Kiwanis fabric.  However, Kiwanis must not assume that the current Formula activities will be sufficient to make membership increases an annual occurrence; which must be the goal.  Just as there are multiple reasons for membership, the path to sustained growth requires multiple approaches, and builds on the successes of the Formula. Congratulations to those Kiwanians who have opened new clubs in a their districts.  These talents need to be shared in each district. True membership expansion will also require:

  1. Attracting new members to existing clubs:
  • Create a promotional packet that can be electronically sent to prospective members when clubs or existing members submit an email address
  • Reduce international dues for spouses
  • Revisit family memberships or family “clubs”
  • Develop procedures for international members and district “at-large” members


  1. Reducing resignations from all clubs:
  • Increase the value of membership through partnerships with retail vendors for discounts
  • Increase public recognition of members
  • Incorporate club leadership training for all interested members
  • Insure future dues increases are minimized through expanded non-dues revenue


  1. Concentrating efforts to convert Key Club and CKI members into Kiwanians:
  • Educate Key Club and CKI members about Kiwanis (especially service) through electronic media
  • Reduce or waive membership fee for young adults until age 25


  1. Expanding Kiwanis presence around the world:
  • Expand Kiwanis in South America, Africa, and India
  • Highlight more service projects from all countries in the Kiwanis Magazine.


These ideas are only part of the “Right Prescription for Kiwanis.”   Kiwanis needs a leader who will reach out to Kiwanians and collect ideas and suggestions on how to reach positive membership expansion.  Together we can capitalize on current progress and design new initiatives to address specific district needs.  This will both increase membership and grow community service.  Andrew Shue said, “Community service has taught me all kinds of skills and increased my confidence. You go out there and think on your feet, work with others, and create something from nothing. That’s what life’s all about.” When we advocate for community service, we benefit the community and increase Kiwanis membership.  Please support me in expanding Kiwanis membership by voting for Art Riley as the next Vice President of Kiwanis International.



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